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July 5, 2023

Signs Your Dog Could Be Pregnant

A breeding dog is the great responsibility of the owner and he/she must take it seriously. The new puppies are sure delightful to see however one cannot deny the fact that dog pregnancy is confusing and stressful. Not only this, the process from the time of pregnancy till the delivery is costly and time-consuming. 

Furthermore, the pregnancy problems in dogs also depend on their breeds. Make sure that you take necessary measures for the breed to keep the dog and the puppies safe and healthy. The standards and health-related problems are different in each breed. To deliver healthy and cute puppies, the proper diet is necessary. 

But, before all this, you must know that your dog is pregnant. And how is that possible? Well, there are some early signs of pregnancy that you need to figure out. Regular checkup of the dog might solve this problem however, if you are unable to do that then you must know the signs indicating your dog’s pregnancy. In this article, we have mentioned the early signs your dog could be pregnant.     

How long are dogs pregnant? 

Dogs get pregnant at an early age which is between 6 to 12 months of their birth. Due to the early age of the pregnancy, complications are also common. The pregnancy of the female dog generally lasts for 62 days or 9 months. Similar to human pregnancy, the period is quite long which is why it becomes important to pay extra attention and care to your dog. 

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Signs of your dog’s pregnancy

The breeding period comes once in eight months which lasts for three weeks. It is also known as the heat period or heat cycle of the dog. If you have carefully planned your dog’s breeding then the below-mentioned points will help you understand the early signs your dog could be pregnant.

1. Enlarged belly

The enlarged belly of the female dogs is the first sign to identify the pregnancy. Just like humans as the period of the pregnancy progresses, the belly becomes bigger and bloated. However, the disease also leads to a bigger abdomen thus creating a false pregnancy in dogs. If your dog’s health is normal and consuming a healthy diet then the chances are your dog is pregnant. The belly usually becomes bigger after a few weeks of pregnancy. 

2. Reduction in normal activities

Due to pregnancy, the female dogs get exhausted easily and sleep more than their normal routine. If you are witnessing these signs then the chances of your dog’s pregnancy are high. Dogs are energetic animals and love to get involved in different kinds of activities. If your female dog is as such then take the sudden low energy and decreased activities seriously. If your dog enjoys resting and sleeping then it becomes hard to notice the decrease in activities. The owner needs to pay some closer attention to his/her female dog and notice the regular behavior and activity.   

3. Change in diet

The appetite of the pregnant dog also fluctuates depending on the breed of the dog and the week of its pregnancy. The symptoms are just like a human at the early pregnancy stage the female dog eats less and often vomits everything. This is normal in the first three to four weeks of pregnancy. If your dog’s 4 weeks pregnant then reduce appetite and activity is normal. Due to this the body weight also decreases and therefore, make sure that you give enough nutrition to keep the dog and their puppies healthy. 

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4. Unusual behavior

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The changes in the behavior of the pregnant dog are usually seen during the mid-pregnancy period. The dog becomes more sensitive to its surroundings and seeks more attention than usual. For instance, your dog might spend more time by your side hugging and cuddling. They will do some unusual activities to seek the attention of the owner. On the contrary, some female dogs in their pregnancy love to be alone and unbothered by human beings. Most of their time is spent in their house or their bed sleeping or playing by themselves. She may also seem irritated or depressed sometimes. If your dog is behaving like this then provide all of the space she wants to keep the emotional balance intact. 

5. Discolored and swollen nipples

The dog’s nipples are normally small in size but during pregnancy, the nipples become bigger and discolored. This happens during the early pregnancy stage and is the most common way to identify whether your dog is pregnant or not. Furthermore, the color of the nipples becomes darker indicating the surge in blood flow in her body. At the last stage of her pregnancy, the nipples start to leak the milk occasionally.

6. Nesting

Before the few weeks of delivery, the female dog starts nesting to order to deliver the babies safely and securely. Dogs search for isolated areas to give birth which is why it is better to give them a private space. Furthermore, during this period your dog might act more reclusive and angry. It is better to restrict the human interaction as it may increase the anxiety in them. 

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What to do when the dog goes into labor?

Well, dogs generally handle their pregnancy and labor however being the owner of your pet dog you can say a few soothing words to calm herself down. Also, be vagile at the time of any mishappening during the delivery. Dogs will give you several hints before going into labor or at the time of delivery. You just need to watch closely and provide any kind of help that she needs during the delivery and later. 

Dogs are energetic, sensitive, and loyal animals which is why it becomes necessary to take good care of them. Especially for female dogs, the pregnancy period is tough and tedious. They go through enormous biological, emotional, and physical ups and downs. Being the owner and guardian of your little friend make sure that you provide enough resources to keep the mother dog and her puppies healthy. It is best to know the detail about the dog pregnancy week by week. 

In this article, we have covered the general questions that the dog owner needs to know for the safe delivery of the puppies. Read this full article to know about the dog pregnancy months and take the needful steps.   

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