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December 8, 2023

Fun Things to Do With Your Dog in Winter | How to care for Dogs in Winter

This winter, make sure your puppy is prepared for bad conditions, whether to go out to play or just take a short walk. It’s good to keep in mind that different dogs have different needs, but these cold weather tips will help keep all your dogs safe this winter. Dogs are cute, but dogs in the snow are even more adorable, especially when they’re raging, hitting, and playing in the dust. Here are things to do with dogs in the winter:

Caring Tips of Dog in Winter


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“Do you want to walk?” The term excites your dog, whether it’s hot or cold outdoors. You can still feel free to walk your dog in the snow. Consider taking your dog for shorter walks more often during the day to avoid the effects of the long-term cold. Watch your dog carefully during the walk so that there are no signs of getting cold; if you notice any shivering or shaking, finish the walk and take it into the room.

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Indoor Training

You will probably spend a lot of time indoors during the winter, so take some time to train your dog. When you teach your dog a new trick or command, he keeps his mind active while strengthening his relationship with him. All you need is patience and some small treats for indoor training with your dog. You can teach useful commands, indoor manners or even thorough agility workouts. Your dog may not get time outdoors, but he will remain active and entertained.

Protect Their Feet

Snow and ice can get trapped between the Fido pillows, causing cuts and discomfort. Check your paws often and dry them once they are indoors. If you plan on being in the snow for a long time, consider Fido boots. They can keep their feet warm and safe from the batteries. If they don’t do well with their prey, try Musher’s Secret, a waxy substance that can be applied to your puppy’s feet to protect them from ice, salt, and other items.

You can also keep the hair on your legs cut, but not too short to prevent ice from forming. And if you want a full treatment for them, lubricate with Vaseline to protect their feet from dehydration and cracking.

Teach Your Dog to Hide and Seek

 things to do with a puppy in the winter, dog-friendly winter activities, winter activities for dogs, what to do with my dog in winter
Teach Your Dog to Hide and Seek

Dogs love challenges and love to be with them, their owner, and their best friend. So hiding is a great way to combine these instincts. The only thing your dog really needs to know is to “stay” until he hides and then comes looking for him when he calls his name. This game is a great way to execute a stay command if your dog doesn’t already have it.

Provide Plenty of Water

Dogs, like humans, can dry out if they train in the cold. Be sure to drink plenty of water if you run around a lot. They also burn more calories in the snow and cold, so give them a little extra food or some more healthy delicacies to enjoy the energy.

Keep Dog Warm

Most dogs have coats thick enough to keep them warm in the winter, but if you have a short-haired dog, especially one who used to be in the house, buy a sweater or coat or limit their time outside.

Play with them

Dogs provide perfect toy lovers on snowy days. Try the following fun things to do the next time you play with your dogs in the snow:

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  • Make a snowball. Dogs love to chase and catch snowballs.
  • Do a race in the snow and find out who can run fastest in the dust.
  • If your dog is used to cross-country skiing, take them for cross-country skiing.
  • Try Skijoring. This is where your dog is tied to a leash and pulled on skis. This is not an exercise for small dogs, but many large dogs love to pull.
  • Take advantage of the winter days and get out in the snow with your dogs.

Go Sledding

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Go Sledding

If you have a nice, slow hill nearby that isn’t too steep, your dog will be happy to go sledging with you. Some dog parents lay their puppies on their lap to slide down the hills, but some dogs like to slide alone. I’ve seen dogs use their own sledges, slide down their hills on hills, or just chase people as they fly away. There are plenty of ways for dogs to enjoy sledging – just make sure you watch them and keep them safe.

Make Snow Angels

Anyone can make a snow angel. Just lie down in the snow and move on. Try to do this with your dog and see if they join you. It will be a fun way for your dog to cool down and release some energy, and that’s important in the cold months when you don’t want to walk so much.

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What other fun activities do you do with your dog in winter? For all those adventurous dogs, winter can feel really boring. I do not need it! I tend to hike my dog, snowshoe, and in some cases ski. Follow these tips for a safe and scary winter with your best friend. Does your dog like to go out in the winter? Then let us know in the comments below!

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