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July 5, 2023

Best Fun Brain Games For Dogs

Dogs are one of the most energetic pet animals that love to involve in different activities and play games. It is important to involve your dog in different activities and games to boost their mind. This helps them to stay happy and healthy. Furthermore, mind games are important for the brain training of dogs. The outdoor game does not involve the mind and thinking. Running to and fro with a dog might keep your dog fit and healthy but what about the mind? A mindful game is important as it allows them to take quick actions at the time of adversity. Not only this, a brain game will tire your pet dog, increase its confidence, strengthen the bond between the owner and the pet, and allow you to work together as a team. 

Keeping all the aforementioned points in our mind, in this article we have brought the list of 8 fun brain games for dogs. These games are similar to kid’s games but for dogs. So, play these games with your dogs and enhance their overall personality. 

List of Top 8 Brain Teasers For Dogs:

1. Treasure Hunt 

We all have played this game at least once in our life, where we are required to search for the treasure solving all the riddles. Similar to this, make your dog play this game by using its major sense organ ‘nose’. Finding the hidden treasure will enable them to activate the sensory organs and stimulate the brain. Plus, it helps them to use all their senses to decode the place of the treasure. Make sure that at first to make things simple and easy to make the game interesting. Otherwise, your pet might lose interest and get distracted from other things. 

In case your little friend is unable to find the treasure you can give some hints and help them find the treasure. Don’t forget to reward your dog after successful treasure hunting this will create interest in the game and your pet would play it more enthusiastically. 

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2. Food container toys

Another best brain training for dogs is the toys that contain food. These toys contain dog foods in them and do not open easily. Let your dog work out to open the container and get the treat hidden in it. You just need to fill up the dog foods or treat in a transparent container and encourage your pet to open the container and get the treats. 

You can also use food dispensing to make things easy at first. As your pet dog starts moving the container the treats will dispense from it. It is a fun and delicious game for your dog and stimulates its brain. As your dog starts familiarizing with the game increase the difficulty level to make it more challenging and fun. 

3. Dog parkour

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Dog parkour

You might have seen humans climbing, jumping, and dodging in the parkour. This exact same activity helps in brain training for dogs. Before involving them in parkour make sure that they are trained well otherwise they might get hurt. You must teach them some basic commands that are required in parkour like climbing the wall, dodging the obstacles, walking along with the narrow building or a wall, jumping from one wall to another, etc. 

4. Teach them new tricks

Do you also believe that teaching new things is not a game? If yes, then think twice. Teaching in a fun and playful way is the art that the dog’s owner must know. This allows your pet to learn new tricks in a playful way. What could be better than teaching some discipline to your dog so that he/she responds quickly to your command? The common tricks are handshake and high five. 

You can teach them tricks like barking at your command. Or responding on a call, spinning and twisting clockwise and anticlockwise. These are fun and useful tricks that your dog must know. 

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5. Which hand?

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Which hand?

Oh! This game is popular among pet dogs where the owner asks to guess the dog which hand contains the treat. Take two bowls cover the treat from one bowl and keep the other bowl empty. Now rotate the bowl and ask your dog which bowl contains the treat? This game is fun and mindful for the dog because it requires them to concentrate on a bowl and choose the correct answer. As your dog starts getting along with the game increase the difficulty level by rotating the bowl faster or increasing the number of bowls. This will make the game more challenging and fun for your pet. 

6.Teach them new words

Learning a new language is not only triggers the human brain but also your pet dog’s brain. It is the easiest and most interesting way to allow your pet to play mindful games. You just need to choose a word and teach your dog that word in a playful manner. For example, if you have picked the word ‘teddy’ then play with the stuffed toy while taking the name teddy. After a while keep the toy at a distance and just call the name ‘teddy’. See whether your dog brings the teddy toy for you. Reward your dog with a treat if he/she brings the toy at one call. 

7. Puzzles

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Puzzles games are best for stimulating the brain and enhancing thinking power. Not only for humans, but puzzles games are also for dogs that come in different formats. The concept of the game is the same as the other treats games. The toys contain dog treats and your dog needs to figure out the way to get the treats. Just like other treat games, puzzle games inculcate immense challenges which trigger the brain cells and increase the thinking power of your dog. These dogs brain games are best to stimulate your dog’s brain. 

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8. Shell Game

The shell game is simple but challenging and the best part is that dogs love to play this game. It becomes more interesting if you include dog food or treats to lure them in order to engage them with the game. You just need to keep the treat in the bowl and keep the bowl upside down. Now ask your dog to flip the cup and get the treat. This will compel them to try various tricks and methods to flip the cup and get the treat. This is another simple yet fun brain game for dogs. 


Keeping a healthy and happy pet dog takes a lot of effort. Being the owner of your pet it is your responsibility to ensure that your dog remains physically and mentally fit and stable. There are many mind games that you can play with your pet dog, in this article we have included the 8 most famous and fun brain games that your dog will love to play. Comment down us below and share your dog’s favorite brain game. 

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